मधुर लघु काव्य संग्रह

Bee Love Award ..

Hello Bloggers,

I am feeling great as my feelings towards love are being liked by you all. I am grateful to @harinapandya (https://harinapandya.com/) for nominating me for this acknowledgement award. For me love is all about:

  1. Love is all about feeling for your soulmate
  2. Love is about sacrificing your happiness for your partner
  3. Love in an form gives you happiness
  4. Love is elixir
  5. Be truthful & understanding for your love

Love can be for anyone like your friend, family, fellow bloggers, or for your nation. Be Love .. Spread Love..


Kunal Kumar

  • Feeling vs Reality

    20th Feb 2020 by

    Why there always reality obstructs my feeling,Why your feelings for me never gets construct,Why my sincerity has been overlooked,Why you think my love is nonsense for you, When I ask directly then why you do not answer,Do you think I am a monster to ask these questions,I cannot control your thought and feelings,But I try… Read more

  • Your ways always…

    20th Feb 2020 by

    Now you please suggests me ways,How to live successful and be happy always,As you now know you own my life,My trust over you is that one day you will be my wife, May be my way is different as the way I propose,But for me importance of your happiness is utmost,I know you feel very… Read more

  • I need your smile…

    20th Feb 2020 by

    I feel happy when I see your smile,Your happy giggles make my heart fly,Like air is needed for life to breath,I need your presence to make me alive, Gone were those days when I used to lie,Now I cannot lie much as my inner soul cry,Since I have accepted you as mine to be alive,Waiting… Read more

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